I am a Chicago-based multimedia artist, independent model, and DJ. I began as a painter, and from there was inspired to get into: sculpture, fashion, digital and darkroom photography, film, performance art, and music. I am interested in areas where the arts intersect: performance art and music, art and fashion, photography and music, film and music, performance art and fashion, and more.

I am also interested in social media as a platform for creativity and collaboration. I discover and promote other artists' work, discuss current world events with people from around the nation, and create content as part of my overall creative process. 

Lastly I am interested in the debate of what qualifies, and does not qualify, as art. Though I am not yet sure how to convey this concept in a project.

I combine my multitude of interests and talents to direct, produce, create, and curate art and/or content for myself and others.